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Geico Car Insurance Review

You know them by their slogan, mascot, and major presence all around America. Geico is one of the top three all-time insurance providers in the country. As it would turn out, 15 minutes does, in fact, save you 15% or more on car insurance. 

Geico offers several different insurance products and a broad range of coverage for rates advertised as hundreds of dollars less than average. As you will soon read, they do have the size and reception in order to follow through on this But what are the best and worst parts of having car insurance with Geico? This review is your tell-all guide. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Geico Insurance 

Geico has an overhwelming majority of positive reviews across the board for their pricing, services, and all around customer access to their policies at any given moment. Of course, policyholders always report at least some degree of savings. 

Above Average Customer Satisfaction Rating 

Geico ranks higher than average for their ratio of customer satisfaction to complaints. Their number of complaints also ranks lower than the average by a little over 50%. Low premiums, good claims services, and ideal coverage are often praised in these reviews that dominate insurance feedback sites and publications. 

Good Telematics Program And Mobile App 

Having a telematics program to monitor your driving habit doesn’t just promote safe driving as a habit, it’s a great way to save. Geico has an extremely easy to use one with their mobile app for all their drivers. The app also enables you to file claims and make changes to your policy at any given moment. 

Low Rates For Drivers With Tickets And Accidents on Their Record 

A speeding ticket or at-fault accident will usually increase your car insurance rates by a considerable amount, but not with Geico. They manage to keep the increase lower than most insurers increase it after such a mark up. Their accident forgiveness insurance product also helps keep premiums low after a first-time accident regardless of fault. 

How Happy People Are With Geico Insurance 

Drivers all switch to Geico for the same reason –to save. As you have read, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what they truly have to offer. Here’s why drivers are so happy with their Geico coverage:

  • Rates hundreds of dollars lower than average 
  • Opportunities to bundles insurance 
  • Several discounts 
  • User-friendly telematics system 
  • 24/7 customer and claims services 
  • Insurance rates stay low after a speeding ticket or at-fault accident        

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Geico Insurance 

The worst of Geico doesn’t come down to their products, pricing, or serices, but rather the limitations of what they can do. Drivers looking for the specific instances of insurance won’t be able to find them with Geico. 

Doesn’t Sell Gap Insurance 

Gap car insurance isn’t a product that Geico sells. This type of coverage is necessary for those who finance their cars in order to product the gap in value as they make their payments towards ownership. Still, Geico does over full car insurance for drivers financing their vehicles, so it isn’t impossible for them to get insured. 

Home And Life Insurance Are Brokered From Other Providers

Drivers looking to bundle their home and car insurance with Geico should be weary because Geico isn’t the one who underwrites the homeowners’ policy. They broker it through another insurance provider they work with. This means that you may have to report to a representative of that provider in order to file claims and make changes. Life insurance also can’t be bundled with car insurance with Geico. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Geico 

Geico can suit the needs of nearly every driver on the road. There are a variety of discounts that can help drivers be them new, risky, or senior. Even some drivers can get a discount based on their occupation. The only driver that may have some discrepancy with their Geico car insurance are those who are leasing their vehicle and hoped to get gap insurance. 

Geico does underwrite their car insurance products and their process isn’t too different from what you would expect from a quoting process. Personal and vehicle factors like age, make, model, residence, and more are considered to assess risk. Geico, like several other car insurance providers, cannot descriminate based on personal factors. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

While every car insurance companies formulate their costs similarly, the costs themselves can be quite different. That’s why it’s important to get multiple quotes when shopping for car insurance. At the same time, you can also consider the following in order to maximize on car insurance savings:

  •  How much you drive in general – It’s wised to keep track of how many miles your car’s odometer racks up in a year. Those that spent more time in their vehicles, especially for work purposes, can pay more for car insurance. Fortunately,m Geico proudly offers commercial car insurance for such drivers. 
  • What your credit score is – Car insurance companies look at credit scores because there is a proven correlation between subpar credit scores and filing insurance claims. It helps to treat your credit score like your driving record when it comes to car insurance and always work to keep it in good standing –it may earn you discounts. 
  • Your occupation – Geico offers so many occupation-based discounts that it helps to at least think about how your occupation will tie into your car insurance. Of course, there is no need to completely quit your current for another one just for the sake of a car insurance discount. 

Final Thoughts About Geico Car Insurance 

The gurantee to save, the amazing service, and all the reviews to back it up may seem too good to be true –but that is the standard with Geico. It’s no wonder why everyone searching for car insurance will at least check them out with a free quote. Safe driver

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