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Metromile Car Insurance Review

Metromile is absolutely one of those large niche insurance providers out there with a very specific customer base they are catering to. As the name would suggest, Metromile is for drivers that drive and record vastly less mileage than the average driver. In short, it’s for drivers who drive much less. 

With a tech approach and base rate pricing, drivers that drive under 10,000 miles every year have a budgeted and reliable way of being insured. These rates are applied to either each month of coverage or every mile. This is proven to be a budgeted way that people who don’t use their cars often have car insurance. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Metromile Insurance 

Having pay-per-mile car insurance, as it’s called, has some benefits that make it more appealing than standard car insurance. Right off the bat, it’s cheaper and allows for more savings overall. Rates for these types of policies can be paid per mile or per month and depend on how much you drive. Other great aspects of Metromile and their pay-per-mile car insurance are elaborated on below. 

Mileage And Trip Tracking 

Metromile has a handy device that tracks your daily mileage along with your car’s overall wellness. This is not only handy for making sure you pay for only the miles you drive, but it also helps you monitor your driving habits to become the safest driver that you can be. 

Several Discount Opportunities 

As a pay-per-mile car insurance provider, there are several more discounts and opportunities to save with Metromile.  You already save as a driver that drives significantly less than the average driver –this stacked with discounts translates to some pretty big savings if you qualify for them. 

Digital Approach to Car Insurance 

Metromile’s mobile app allows you to have 24-hour access to your policy and insurance services, like making payments or filing claims. Policyholders often praise the paperless approach to insurance because it gives them more control and more of a direct role in their car insurance. 

How Happy People Are With Metromile Insurance 

Drivers that drive much less than the average drivers have a place to go for affordable car insurance with Metromile. Every driver of this nature searching for car insurance will at least look at what Metromile has to offer them. Other great aspects of being a Metromile policyholder are:

  • Being able to pay for car insurance based on your mileage 
  • Flat rates when it comes to premiums 
  • Coverage options range from basic to full coverage 
  • Mobile app and tracking software 
  • Affordability is guaranteed 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Metromile Insurance 

As you have read, Metromile insurance isn’t for everyone. The most glaring criticism that Metromile gets is because of reasons like this. It’s just simply the limits of what they can do. Some criticism is also directed at some of the lesser-known practices as you are about to read. 

The Average Driver Will Not be Able to Get Coverage 

Metromile is known for charging a considerable fee when it comes to drivers who rack up over 10,000 miles in a year –which is pretty much the average American driver. So, they aren’t exactly the best option for drivers who typically own their cars and drive regularly. 

Only Available in Eight States 

Metromile, unfortunately, only operates in the states of Illinois, California, New Jersey, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. So drivers that don’t use their cars a lot that live out of these states will not be able to get Metromile coverage. 

Bills Are Likely to Change Each Month 

Because you are driving a different amount each day, your monthly car insurance rates may be different every payment period. This is something to be expected of those who don’t own or frequently borrow cars at times. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Metromile 

The most basic requirement to get ideal coverage from Metromile is simply not driving a whole lot, with your annual mileage being under 10,000 miles –much lower than the average. At the same time, you’ll also have to be a resident of the states that Metromile operates in. 

Metromile underwrites their car insurance policies based on driving record, age, how much you drive, and other personal factors not too different from standard insurance providers. Because they don’t drive as much, drivers of this nature tend not to be as risky, but there are still certain areas of risk that Metromile needs to be sure of. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

There are some things you should at least think about even when looking at pay-per-mile car insurance. Even for drivers that aren’t behind the wheel, there is still some risk that needs to be addressed. These risks are:

  • How much you drive – Since pay-per-mile insurance is entirely based on your mileage, how much you drive will determine your rates more than ever now. Of course, any changes to your mileage and habits should be addressed to your provider. 
  • Credit score – Car insurance companies may look at your credit score or even create their own based on it. Since car insurance is all about making payments on time, there is no greater indicator of how reliable you are when it comes to it other than your credit score. 
  • Whether or not you plan to become a regular driver – If you are ever planning to become a more full-time driver, like buying your own car or getting a job behind the wheel, pay-per-mile insurance may not be worth it anymore.  

Final Thoughts About Metromile Car Insurance

If you don’t drive a lot and want low-cost car insurance for how little you do drive, then Metromile is at least worth checking out. Metromile is often referred to as one of the foremost car insurance providers when it comes to this kind of car insurance coverage. Drivers that will make the jump to regular driving in the near future can also find good short-term coverage with them for the time being. Of course, you will have to live in the few states that they operate in.

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