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Progressive Car Insurance Review

Coming in as the third largest insurance company and largest commercial car insurance provider in America is Progressive. You may have heard of them through a friend or family member or have seen their quirky but iconic commercials. 

Does Progressive live up to its reputation? The majority of their feedback and reviews would say that they fairly do. Progressive offers several insurance products, like their ads say, with a specialization towards everything car insurance. With a national presence and huge customer base, Progressive is on everyone’s shopping list when they go looking at car insurance companies. This review looks at why and addresses some of the catches that come with it. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Part of Progressive Insurance 

Progressive promises all the latest in car insurance in order to stay in the national competition, which includes agreeable rates and broad coverages. But the best things about Progressive are their business practices and their flexibility with customers. 

Auto Coverage For Pets in The Vehicle

If you are driving with a pet in the car and get into an accident, any of your pet’s medical needs will be covered by your auto insurance with Progressive. Several policyholders see this as an added bonus if they drive with their pets a lot. 

Snapshot Program 

Progressive is known for its Snapshot Program, which also entitles the policyholder to a hefty discount. Car telematics systems are a great way to track your driving habits while also earning discounts for doing so.

Lower Rates For Teen Drivers 

Teen drivers under their parents’ auto policy with Progressive are known to pay less than average for coverage, especially for drivers of their age. Because of this, Progressive is one of the go-to insurance providers for families with young drivers. 

How Happy People Are With Progressive Insurance 

Progressive is always praised by its customers for its variety of car insurance discounts and products. They make it possible for several different drivers to get the coverage they need. Progressive keeps its policyholders happy with the following:

  • In-depth car insurance 
  • Commercial insurance that emphasizes profits 
  • Insurance that helps those that don’t have their cars paid off
  • Affordable rates for new drivers 
  • Rideshare and rental car coverage 
  • Several discounts 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Progressive Insurance 

With a customer base as large as Progressive, negative trends are bound to be picked up on. While Progressive doesn’t have any serious issues, the following may be a dealbreaker depending on who is getting a quote. 

No Green Car Discount 

While Progressive has a huge selection of discounts any driver can qualify for, the one that they lack is a green car discount for drivers of electric vehicles. This is a common discount in the car insurance world, so several other providers will offer it, while Progressive is the odd one out here. 

Rental Car Reimbursement May Not be Available 

Depending on your coverage and policy with Progressive, you may not be able to get rental car reimbursement –which they actually do offer. Because it’s not standard, some customers that drive primarily rental cars may have to look elsewhere for coverage. 

Mixed Customer Service Reviews at Best 

Progressive’s customer service reviews aren’t horrible, but there is room for a lot of improvement. When compared to other insurance companies of the same size, Progressive does rank slightly higher for complaints. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Progressive

Progressive sees all drivers regardless of age, risk, and whether or not they use their vehicle for business. Even new drivers can give Progressive a look when they are buying their first auto policy. Drivers that benefit the most from Progressive car insurance are:

  • New drivers on their parent’s policy
  • Drivers using their vehicles for business 
  • Drivers looking to improve their driving record 
  • Families with multiple cars 
  • Drivers who frequently drive with their pets

Progressive car insurance quotes are free and done quickly online like several of the other big-name insurance companies. Their underwriting process isn’t too different from what is usually expected as they assess personal factors like age, driving record, insurance history, and so much more. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

Car insurance providers, big and small, all price their policies differently while looking at similar things to set the cost. That’s why it’s important to think about the aforementioned personal factors that providers like Progressive will look at as they give you a quote and price your policy with them. The most essential include:

  • How much you drive in a year – It’s a good idea to at least have a general idea of how much you drive every year –that’s what your car’s odometer is for. The more you are on the road, then the more likely a chance there is of an accident occurring –natural cause and effect.  
  • Credit score – Much like renting an apartment, your credit score will follow you into buying insurance for your car. So, it helps to have at least an average credit score in order to get the most affordable car insurance. Progressive even offer discounts for good credit score holders. 
  • How many cars need to be insured – The most valued Progressive insurance policies actually insure multiple vehicles in one household. If you live in a household with more than one driver, it never hurts to raise the question if everyone is on a household policy. It may end up saving everyone. 

Final Thoughts About Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive’s car insurance isn’t just famous –it’s famously in-depth and affordable. The best customers tend to be young drivers on their parent’s policy and commercial drivers when it comes to their auto insurance products. The only catch that customers may face is a letdown in customer service at times. Still, if you are a safe driver that doesn’t file claims often, Progressive may be worth a gander.

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