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TruStage Car Insurance Review

TruStage is the brand of CUNA Mutual Group’s insurance products that they broker. While TruStage has a specialization in life and home insurance, car insurance is a product that they have grown to be a major force with, thanks to cooperation with providers like Esurance and Liberty Mutual.  

As an insurance broker, TruStage refers its customers to insurance products and providers with their budget, interests, and personal factors in mind. TruStage specializes in car insurance services for credit union members and helps them find the cheapest and most affordable rates. But the question is, how does TruStage stack up with the car insurance they offer overall? 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of TruStage Insurance

TruStage boasts a sizable customer base, good financial strength, and good feedback based on the insurance products that they match their customers with. They also offer a diverse range of insurance products that can suit nearly every single one of their customers. Some of the most commonly praised aspects of TruStage are described below. 

High Ratings When it Comes to Their Services

There are consistently positive ratings from customers when they talk about TruStage’s insurance brokering services. They also report an all-around user-friendly experience that prioritizes their convenience and budget.  

Several Discounts For Car Insurance 

TruStage also prioritizes discounts when they match their clients with a new policy. Drivers from several walks of life and different vehicles are able at least able to qualify for one discount with TruStage. At the same time, an independent agent will be there to help you find which ones you qualify for. 

Easy Claims And Customer Service 

The majority of positive reviews that TruStage gets always mention their user-friendly claims process and hotline available for most hours of the day. If everything is filed correctly, then claims are typically resolved in five days and under. 

How Happy People Are With TruStage Insurance

The majority of customers with TruStage don’t desire any specific type of coverage –they just want the insurance they need with no hassle while not overpaying for it. TruStage does a satisfying job in all these departments, so their customers get exactly what they want. Other things at TruStage that keep their customers happy and satisfied are:

  • Budget-friendly rates with no reports of over-paying 
  • Discounts that go up to 50%
  • Several opportunities to bundle with their own life and home insurance 
  • Good financial strength
  • High rating with BBB

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts of TruStage Insurance 

TruStage insurance is more so for older drivers with more established driving records and who own a home. They can bundle such insurance to save even more than they already do with TruStage. However, this creates a sort of limit to what customers they can see. Despite this, TruStage still manages to insure nearly 20 million drivers nationwide. Other criticism at TruStage is elaborated on below. 

Not BBB Accredited 

While Trustage does have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, it’s not an accredited business with them and isn’t entitled to the benefits of such. This can also be a red flag for some insurance shoppers. 

Claims Can’t be Reported Online 

TruStage will always have to be directly contacted when it comes to claims. Since it’s not automated, this can create inconvenience for some customers. They also only take claims during certain day hours and not 24/7. 

Discounts May Not be Disclosed Upfront

While you are getting a quote from TruStage, you won’t be able to see what discounts you qualify for upfront. You will have to commit in order to see them in most cases. Some insurance shoppers may not be willing to do this just yet. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From TruStage

To be exact, TruStage is linked to over 3,500 credit unions across the United States. Needless to say, these drivers are the ones that benefit the most from TruStage car insurance. Drivers that a TruStage auto policy would be ideal for are:

  • Middle-aged drivers with more of a driving record 
  • Those that bundle life or home insurance with car insurance 
  • Drivers that frequently rent cars 
  • Drivers with a loan or who are financing their vehicles

Your risk and insurance needs will be looked at by TruStage themselves; they will then be conveyed to either Esurance or Liberty Mutual to see which one is a better fit for you. Of course, TruStage looks at all the usual personal factors that would suggest risk, like age, vehicle, residence, and so much more. While they don’t underwrite auto policies, their quoting process isn’t too different from what other providers and brokers do. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance

Car insurance providers and brokers all price their insurance policies differently, but they all look at similar things in order to create those prices. Car insurance shopping can be argued as the most important step in the insurance process. So, it helps to be aware and at least think about some of the following factors that can influence how much you pay for car insurance:

  • How much you drive – While you can’t help certain things like your age when it comes to what insurance companies look at, things like how much you drive can at least be helped and considered. 
  • Credit score – A lesser-known indicator of risk is your credit score which shows your reliability with finances and making payments. It helps to have a good credit score as you shop for car insurance. 

Final Thoughts About TruStage Car Insurance 

If you are in a credit union and are looking for an easy and affordable way to get car insurance, then take your shot with TruStage. You will find that the only drawbacks are limits to their practices. However, if you are looking for more variety as you shop for car insurance, you can always be your own insurance broker and look at quotes yourself since you often have to commit to a TruStage policy early on.

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