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Insurance Navy Car Insurance Review

The best insurance brokers in the game don’t just match you with cheap and affordable policies, but they match you with one out of several providers. So the more providers that insurance brokers do business with, the better. Insurance Navy works with local and national providers and consistently matches their customers with the best valued and cheap policies. 

Beginning as a major low-cost insurance powerhouse for the Chicagoland, Insurance Navy has expanded its services to several other states. No matter what state, you’ll seldom see reviews stating that someone overpaid for an Insurance Navy-brokered auto policy. It’s car insurance practices like these that make Insurance Navy one of the fastest-growing coverage agencies in the state of Illinois.

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Insurance Navy 

Shopping for cheap car insurance can be a tedious and even hectic process. Insurance Navy is known for saving their customers the headache by doing insurance shopping for them. As a broker, Insurance Navy doesn’t just work with one or two insurance providers –they actually work with several in different states. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what everyone claims make Insurance Navy so great. 

Guarantee For Low-Cost And Cheap Car Insurance

Even customers who have had negative experiences with the insurance providers that Insurance Navy matches them with –will always make a note of how cheap it was. Insurance Navy’s quoting process prioritizes any customer’s budget and insurance needs and has never failed to match them with a provider that will at least save them a little. 

Bilingual Agents And Major Insurance Broker For Spanish-Speaking Drivers

Having roots and locations in Chicago’s largest Hispanic neighborhoods and communities, Insurance Navy is also committed to their Spanish-speaking clientele with great customer service –from the quoting process to seeing how many discounts they qualify for. 

Renowned For Finding Cheap Full Coverage 

Insurance Navy believes that basic car insurance should never be expensive because you need it to follow the law –and that truly shouldn’t be a luxury. But why stop there? A large percentage of their reviews will tell you that they were able to find full coverage car insurance with Insurance Navy as their broker. Umbrella, Gap, and even SR-22 coverage are in easy economic grasp. 

How Happy People Are With Insurance Navy Insurance 

While what happens with the insurance provider that Insurance Navy matches you with is out of your hands, customers are consistently happy with the pricing, as previously mentioned. However, there are several cases with customers being matched with the car insurer of their dreams with good customer service and cheap rates. Other ways that Insurance Navy has made their customers happy are:

  • Free lightning quick, cheap car insurance quotes   
  • SR-22 and high-risk car insurance services
  • Extremely diverse selection of car insurance products for every driver
  • Several online resources to become an expert in insurance yourself 
  • Several discount opportunities that are maximized
  • User-friendly mobile app 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Insurance Navy Insurance 

The criticism that Insurance Navy receives is often because some customers may have had a bad experience with the insurance provider that they were matched with. Because of this, a lot of the what-ifs that can go wrong are circumstantial. 

Insurance Provider Doesn’t Have Good Customer Service 

The largest criticism that Insurance Navy gets is that the insurance providers they match customers with don’t have good customer service despite the low-cost premiums. For high-risk drivers, this can be an issue if they need to file a claim or use another insurance service. 

Lowest Cost Isn’t Guaranteed 

While savings are more than certain with Insurance Navy, there are some rare cases where some drivers can be saving even more elsewhere. This is an issue every insurance broker has and is a part of being in a competitive market. It never hurts to do some car insurance browsing yourself. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Insurance Navy 

Insurance Navy has never tried to cater to one specific group of drivers. Rather they have always tried to serve as many people on the road as possible. So, nearly every driver, even high-risk ones, can qualify for a policy with them. Drivers that tend to save the most with Insurance Navy are:

  • Safe drivers can get much lower-than-average premiums 
  • High-risk drivers with SR-22 requirements can find affordable rates and filing assistance
  • Families can bundle vehicles and home insurance 
  • New drivers can even qualify for some discounts 
  • Business owners looking to insure their work vehicles 

Insurance Navy’s online quote machine is free and user-friendly. Their risk-based assessment of prospective policyholders isn’t much different from what insurance companies look at. A variety of personal and vehicle factors go into consideration for how much your car insurance will cost. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

It always helps to at least consider some of the aforementioned personal and vehicle factors in mind as you shop for car insurance. You can get a better idea of where you stand when it comes to premiums. While you may not be able to help something like your age, you can do something about the following:

  • Your driving record – Naturally, insurance brokers and providers will need to know your driving record inside and out for any accidents and violations. 
  • Your credit score –  You may not know it, but your credit score is also an indicator of risk with car insurance, just as it is with something like renting an apartment. Having at least an average credit score will help get more affordable car insurance and even earn discounts while doing so. 
  • How much you drive – Another good idea is to at least have an idea of how much you drive in a year, as it can be telling of your risk. If you drive for work, then you may be looking at higher premiums than average, for example. 

Final Thoughts About Insurance Navy Car Insurance 

Insurance Navy is a great choice if you want your car insurance shopping done for you and some of the lowest rates in town. This is pretty much what every driver wants, which is exactly why Insurance Navy was founded. Having car insurance is a legal responsibility, and following the law shouldn’t be expensive.

Visit Insurance Navy Auto Insurance at

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