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Infinity Car Insurance Review

If you are looking for a niche car insurance provider with a specific customer base and an easy way to get essential coverage, then Infinity insurance may be the provider for you. Infinity’s customer base is predominantly Spanish-speaking drivers as every service and product they have is handly translated into Spanish. 

Quotes are always recommended for Infinity since they are often secretive about their rates until then. However, you will find that Infinity offers a couple of different coverage options and plans for interested customers. The major question is, how does Infinity rate overall as a car insurance provider? It’s actually a bit of a mixed bag. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Infinity Insurance 

Infinity is known for having an easy in for adequate car insurance for Spanish-speaking drivers. Drivers with more associated risk than the average driver can also find a policy with Infinity. Some of the strongest selling points that Infinity insurance have been elaborated on below. 

Great Service And Catering to Spanish-Speaking Customers

Nowadays, it’s essential that insurance companies translate their product and services into at least one other language because everyone using the roads in the country are required to have car insurance. Infinity has all its policies translated along with Spanish-speaking agents ready to help out anyone. 

Coverage is Offered to High-Risk Drivers

High-risk drivers don’t have to struggle with finding affordable car insurance with Infinity. Whether it’s a spotty driving record of speeding tickets and accidents, or a DUI conviction, it’s still possible to not break the bank for car insurance. Infinity can still find these agreeable drivers premiums. 

Great Provider For Basic Car Insurance

If you’re just looking to get all the car insurance essentials without spending any more money on other comprehensive coverages, then Infinity also excels in this area. It’s no wonder why they are well-known for their low-cost insurance because it’s just what you need legally. 

How Happy People Are With Infinity Insurance 

The people that are the happiest with Infinity insurance are those who may have a blemished driving record and have issues with finding affordable car insurance anywhere else. Bilingual practices are also praised often. Other reasons why people are happy with their Infinity insurance coverage are:

  • Driver club membership with more benefits
  • Specific insurance coverage like rideshare and classic car coverage
  • High-risk drivers insurance
  • Commercial car insurance 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Infinity Insurance 

Infinity is far from perfect in terms of what they offer and how they offer it. While an Infinity policy does help out with basic insurance needs, more complex ones seem to be out of their ballpark. More of these issues are elaborated on below. 

Only Available in Four States

That’s right, Infinity car insurance is only available in just four states as of now –Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. This more than creates a limit on what drivers are eligible for their coverage. Drivers and residents not of these states will simply have to look elsewhere for car insurance. 

Strives For Only Absolutely Essential Coverage 

Infinity does not have a broad range of insurance products, as previously mentioned, as they try to only deal in the essentials, such as legally required liability coverage and commercial coverage for those vehicles being used for work. You may have to look elsewhere if you desire a comprehensive auto policy. 

Gets a Considerable Number of Complaints 

Compared to other car insurance providers and companies, Infinity ranks higher when it comes to complaints submitted by customers. These complaints are usually regarding their customer service and their claims process. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Infinity 

As you have been reading, the drivers that will benefit the most from Infinity are high-risk drivers looking for low-cost options which also speak Spanish. Of course, speaking Spanish isn’t a requirement as Infinity also has English-speaking staff and policyholders as well. Inversely, safe drivers with more clean records may find better rates elsewhere. 

Infinity’s policy underwriting process does what every other one does and assesses your risks by looking at personal factors like age, residence, car, and so much more. These practices are standard for every other insurance provider. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

While car insurance companies look at similar things when determining the cost of their coverage, how they price the coverage itself varies. You can more or less influence this by considering the following when it comes to getting car insurance:

  • Your driving record – If you’re looking at Infinity, then your driving record may have some markups on it. It’s important to at least have a general idea of your driving record in order to know which providers will give you the best rates. 
  • Your credit score – You may not know it, but car insurance companies may look at your credit score in the underwriting process to gauge your risk. There actually is a correlation between low credit scores and filing claims, as they have found out. 
  • Insurance needs – Your overall insurance needs can determine whether or not you do business with a certain insurer. Some companies simply offer more services than others. 

Final Thoughts About Infinity Car Insurance 

Infinity has a very specific customer base when it comes to its insurance policies. This can create some exclusion for the majority of drivers, especially those that don’t live in the states where Infinity operates. Of course, if you are a high-risk driver looking for necessary coverage at an agreeable cost and live in one of those four states –Infinity may be worth looking into.   

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