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Freeway Car Insurance Review

Freeway is more of a specialized car insurance broker rather than a provider. Their specialization is in finding coverage for high-risk drivers that would not be able to find it anywhere else.

 Freeway works in collaboration with several insurance providers with experience in insuring drivers of this nature. Of course, other drivers can also find agreeable coverage with Freeway. Having a broker handle all your car insurance shopping is both convenient and saves you the trouble of going through several insurance quotes. Freeway can also find affordable car insurance from providers you wouldn’t even think to look. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Freeway Insurance 

The best part of Freeway is the ability to have someone else do all your car insurance shopping for you. This is especially helpful for those who don’t entirely understand car insurance in general. It’s available in every state, with Spanish and English agents ready to assist. The following are what policyholders say are the best aspects of Freeway that helped them find the ideal car insurance policy. 

Can Get Car Insurance Quotes From Multiple Insurers 

As a car insurance broker rather than a provider, Freeway prices potential policyholders with the insurance providers they work with. Freeway works with several providers –all with their own rates and services. From there, customers can choose which one best suits their needs. It’s streamlined car insurance shopping at its best. 

High-Risk Drivers Are Able to Get Affordable Coverage 

Drivers with a spotty driving history and even SR-22 requirements because of a major traffic violation such as a DUI often have to look hard to find car insurance with at least agreeable rates. Freeway has a specialization in insurance products for high-risk drivers and does all the looking for them. 

Insurers That Freeway Works With Are Stable Financially 

The ideal car insurance provider is established and financially stable for the future and turbulent times. Several of the providers that Freeway works with are big-name national companies with years of insurance practice and secure financial standing.

How Happy People Are With Freeway Insurance 

Policyholders of Freeway insurance also report superb customer service when it comes to claims and even immediately getting back to new incoming policyholders going through the underwriting process. Just when they felt they had nowhere else to turn for high-risk driver car insurance, Freeway was there to help. Other great things that Freeway policyholders are happy with are:

  • SR-22 filing services
  • Timely and agreeable settlements after a claim 
  • Opportunities for discounts 
  • Several other types of insurance products like homeowners and life insurance 
  • How Freeway operates nationwide 
  • Highly rated customer service 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Freeway Insurance 

Freeway is great and all, but sometimes the car insurance brokering method doesn’t cut it for every driver. At the same time, non-high-risk drivers may not be the best fit for coverage from Freeway. The following are some of the drawbacks that some customers of Freeway have reported. 

Brokerage Fee is Required 

Freeway’s insurance brokering services aren’t free like several others, so they charge a one-time fee. These fees can be a couple of hundred dollars depending on the insurance agency. 

Quotes Are Taken From a Limited Number of Insurance Providers

Insurance brokers like Freeway are only able to get quotes from the insurance providers that they work with. Meanwhile, if you were to shop on your own, you could get a quote from any provider of your choosing. 

Not The Best Rates For Safe Drivers 

The insurance policies that Freeway offers are better suited for drivers with spotty records and looking to improve them. Drivers with an already clean driving record have a better chance of finding lower rates elsewhere.  

Drivers That Benefit The Most From Freeway 

By now, it’s been hammered home that high-risk drivers are the best customers of Freeway. But what exactly makes a high-risk driver other than a spotty driving record or SR22 requirement? Here is a deep dive on all high-risk drivers:

  • Those convicted of a DUI 
  • Senior drivers
  • New drivers 
  • Those that file insurance claims frequently 
  • Those with subpar credit 

Freeway’s quoting process is straightforward –pay the fee, recieve the quots, then select your insurance provider and plan. From there, you will then be underwritten a polocy from the selected provider and taken on as a policyholder. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

Car insurance is a deeply personal thing –no two people pay the exact same amount usually. Personal factors such as age, car make and model, residence, and even sex. While some of these you can’t exactly help like your age, there are some things you can keep in mind while looking for car insurance:

  • Yearly mileage – How much you drive in general can be telling of your risk of getting into an accident. It helps to keep your annual mileage in mind, especially if you drive for work. 
  • Credit score – Car insurance is all about making your payments on time, and there is no greater indicator of your ability to do this other than your credit score. Much like your driving record, you can take manners into your own hands and improve them over time.  
  • Looking at quotes yourself – If you feel you can find a better provider than Freeway’s limited selection, you can always go that route. 

Final Thoughts About Freeway Car Insurance 

If you are a high-risk driver in need of car insurance that fits your budget with great services, then take your shot with Freeway. They have been seeing customers like this for years and are one of the foremost sources of insurance for those seemingly unable to find good rates anywhere else. The brokerage fee is often worth it.

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