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The General Car Insurance Review

The General is one of those big car insurance companies where you have more than likely seen their commercials on tv. The fun, themed mascot does help a tremendous amount for branding, but how does the insurance company as a whole measure up in general (pun intended)?

The General can help any driver with a variety of insurance needs and projects. There also is a bit of attention to the lowest possible rates in some cases. They’re also known as a beacon for drivers who have trouble finding car insurance anywhere else. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to why policyholders stay with The General. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of The General Insurance

Policyholders and insurance shoppers’ praise of The General begins right when they are given their free quote at near lightning speed. Drivers from all different walks of life are able to qualify for such quotes and policies. Whether you’re just looking for your home state’s minimum insurance requirements or something more with comprehensive coverage, The General has you covered. 

Drivers With Subpar Driving Records Can Find Affordable Insurance

Not every driver has a good driving record to go on. Because of this, high-risk driver insurance is a major market in the insurance industry. The General taps into this market by insuring all drivers, regardless of speeding tickets, accidents, and even a DUI violation. They help keep the costs at least manageable while you improve your driver’s standing. 

Uninsurable People Can Even Get Car Insurance 

People who don’t have a car to insure can find a degree of insurance from The General. Some drivers can also be deemed uninsurable due to risk or a certain violation. Sometimes, The General is all these drivers have.  

Good Finacial Stability 

With over 50 years of practice and 44 states they do business in; The General has become one of the prime specialty car insurance companies in the nation. Companies like this tend to have good financial stability for the future, which is something a lot of insurance shoppers look for in a provider. 

How Happy People Are With The General Insurance 

The majority of The General policyholders are happy with their car insurance because they aren’t able to get it anywhere else. The General helps to be that ace in the hole for high-risk or drivers with special cases. Other great aspects of The General insurance that keeps their customers happy are:

  • 24/7 phone line for claims and mobile app
  • Highly rated for pricing 
  • Several available discounts 
  • Can be bought through an independent insurance agent  
  • Sells term life insurance to bundle with auto coverage 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About The General Insurance

On the other hand, there are a fair number of criticisms directed at The General and some of their insurance practices. Reviews detailing the negative about being a policyholder of The General usually mention the following. 

Claims Process Isn’t Timely 

Several customers complain that The General often takes a long time to process claims and reach a settlement. There are also reported cases of them disputing the claimed amounts by customers. You definitely don’t want to make filing a claim a regular thing with The General. 

Rates Are Higher Than Anticipated 

There are several cases of The General policyholders receiving premiums that are a bit higher than they expected. Some customers also complain about not getting their money’s worth for how much coverage they have. This is especially the case for high-risk drivers subject to higher-than-average premiums than standard drivers. 

Questionable Customer Service

Customers say that The General’s overall customer service can use some work. Drivers who were at fault for an accident report that it takes an absurd amount of time to process. In fact, there is even a considerable wait to get the whole process started in the first place.   

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From The General

The point has been repeatedly addressed throughout this review –drivers that struggle to find car insurance anywhere else should at least consider The General. These are the drivers that their coverage is designed for, after all. However, the question of how much you will save or even if you will save at all is still up in the air. These drivers would be those with speeding tickets, accidents, and other traffic violations, as previously mentioned. 

The General looks at your driving history to gauge your exact risk during their policy underwriting process, unlike what every car insurance providers do. Of course, you would have to live in the 44 states that they operate in order to get one. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

There is a lot more to consider than just your budget when you are looking at car insurance. How much you pay for coverage is a deeply personal thing because it’s determined by so many personal factors. It helps to keep factors like this in mind when looking at car insurance:

  • Driving history – Always have at least three years of driving habits and a record in mind when you go looking at car insurance. Any recent violations, accidents, or claims will show up when the insurance providers give you a quote. Naturally, those with better driving records pay the least for car insurance. 
  • Credit score – Having a good credit score will also impact your ability to get affordable car insurance as it affects several major financial decisions in life. There is also a known correlation between low credit scores and filing claims (that’s not something that you want to do with The General). 

Final Thoughts About The General Car Insurance 

The General should be your car insurance provider if you can’t get coverage from anywhere else –really as a last resort. The claims and customer service aren’t worth the money for some, but others have nowhere to turn. The good news is that those drivers do have good coverage with The General until they are able to find better coverage elsewhere.

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