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Amica Car Insurance Review

What began in 1907 as a way to sell car, fire, and theft coverage turned into one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the United States with Amica. Now, they offer more than just car insurance with their bestselling home and life insurance. 

With all that experience, growth, and services, how does Amic stack up as an insurance company overall? Truth be told, Amica offers competitive and affordable rates in addition to a diverse range of insurance products. So, there is a lot to like about them as a policyholder.

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Amica Insurance

Amica is known for its low-cost approach to comprehensive insurance for both your car and your home. They often rank in the top ten and even top five on lists of cheap insurance when it comes to homeowners’ coverage. Their car insurance and services related to them are definitely worth writing home about. 

High Customer Satisfaction And Service Ranking 

Several car insurance review sites rank Amica highly when it comes to their customer service. In fact, one such publication –J.D. Power gives it its highest possible rating. These reviews are also reflective of Amica’s claim process and settlement. Even the repairs and their timeliness are praised. 

Insurance Stability Due to Company’s History And Standing 

The car insurance companies that have been in the business the longest tend to be the most stable and reliable in the event of trying times. This also guarantees continuous customer service. 

Add-ons Available For an Affordable, Low-Cost 

Amica has a diverse selection of insurance products that can be added to your policy without breaking your budget. Because Amica is so stable, you can expect savings for a long time with them. They’re also known to be generous with their discounts for several drivers from different walks of life.

How Happy People Are With Amica Insurance 

Even young drivers can find affordable car insurance with Amica. Drivers from different age groups and driving statuses are all eligible for affordable insurance with them, so it’s no wonder so many drivers are happy with them. Benefits go beyond just good and cheap car insurance policies and services Amica policyholders especially praise the following:

  • Optional rental car coverage 
  • Timely and easy-to-follow claims process
  • No deductible for glass damage 
  • 24-hour roadside assistance 
  • Bail bond coverage in the event of an arrest
  • Lega compensation 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts of Amica Insurance

On the other hand, Amica does receive a fair amount of criticism when it comes to some instances of its pricing. Some policyholders have noticed that states and locations are subject to higher Amica insurance rates than others. Other significant criticisms that Amica gets are discussed below. 

Amica Doesn’t Work With Independent Agents or Companies 

Amica will only show you the rates and premiums that they specifically offer. So, it’s either their way or the highway. This can work in your favor if they are your cheapest option, but you may be tempted by another provider with even lower rates. 

Discounts May Not be Available in All States

This is mentioned in Amica’s terms and conditions, wherein certain discounts may not be available in certain states. This opens the door for other insurance companies to swoop in with lower premiums. 

No Rideshare Insurance

If you work as an Uber or rideshare service driver, you will not be able to insure yourself, your customers, and your vehicle while on the job since they lack rideshare coverage. Rideshare insurance is a type of commercial car insurance that is specifically designed for these types of drivers while on the work clock. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Amica 

You would actually be surprised with how many drivers do benefit from Amica with no strict criteria on what kind of drivers are insurable. Despite rideshare drivers having better luck elsewhere with car insurance, Amica is best for drivers that:

  • Want customizable and in-depth car insurance beyond just standard liability 
  • Want dividends they can earn from their insurance 
  • Are either newly licensed or student drivers
  • Own multiple vehicles 
  • Want to bundle home and auto insurance 

As mentioned before, the only difference with Amica’s insurance services compared to others is that it’s limited to just its own pricing and resources. The cost of your Amica car insurance will also depend on personal factors like your age, driving record, and the car you are driving. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

Weigh all your car insurance options before you decide that Amica will be the best move for you. While you can help with certain things like your age or where you are living in some cases, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for and purchasing car insurance:

  • How much you drive in a year – Your annual mileage can be telling of your risk to insure because the more you are behind the wheel, the more likely a chance there is of a collision occurring. If you take on a significant amount of driving because of a move or new job, you should let your insurance provider know. 
  • Credit score – Another indicator of risk is your credit score. Some insurance companies even create their own scores for policyholders. Like renting an apartment, it helps to have a good credit score while shopping for car insurance. 

Final Thoughts About Amica Car Insurance 

Amica can be the ace in the hole for a lot of drivers when they compare all the quotes they pulled while shopping for car insurance. As one of the oldest car insurance companies, you can expect a stable future with Amica –how much it will save you on car insurance varies greatly from person to person, however.

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