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Chubb Car Insurance Review

Car insurance companies often need a niche or specialized service in order to be successful. Chubb is fortunate enough to have several, which makes it a great choice as an insurance provider for several different types of drivers, especially commercial ones.

If there is one thing that Chubb insurance is known for, it’s their commercial car insurance products for drivers that use their vehicles for work purposes. For business owners and rideshare/delivery employees, coverage from Chubb can be their ace in the hole. At the same time, Chubb also offers broad coverage for a diverse range of standard drivers with adaptable policies. But how does Chubb stack up as a whole? 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Chubb Insurance

As the largest commercial car insurance provider in the nation, you’ll find that the bulk of great reviews come from drivers using or owning vehicles just for work-related reasons. Commercial car insurance tends to be expensive since there is more to insure, but Chubb has ways to make it affordable and even cheap. This and other aspects that policyholders love about Chubb are elaborated on below. 

Great Valuations For Your Car

Chubb is known for not applying a value depreciation towards the cars they insure, as most insurance companies do. They will agree on an amount during the policy underwriting process and stick with it for the duration of your coverage. 

All-Around Company Stability 

With over 30 years of service, Chubb has proved itself as a reliable insurance company with a stable economic future which is what many prospective policyholders look for. An established insurance company with more history is less prone to financial hardships than relatively new ones.   

Easy Claims Process And Customer-Friendly Tools

Filing a claim with Chubb is super easy with their app and website with specially designed tools and options for streamlined filing. At the same time, agents are available 24/7 with in-depth expertise on all manners insurance-realted. Claims are also praised for their settlements by Chubb policyholder. 

How Happy People Are With Chubb Insurance 

Chubbs sees all types of drivers from different walks of life with a prioritzation of profits for business owners and savings for residents looking to insure their vehicles. Their claims process and dedicated insurance agents recieve just as much praise as their several insurance services do. These services that keep policyholders renewing their coverage every year at Chubb are:

  • Vehicle value reimbursement with no depreciation 
  • Choice of repair shop when faced with damages 
  • Rental car reimbursement 
  • Coverage for collector cars and OEM parts 
  • Affordable commercial car insurance 
  • Finacial services if needed 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Chubb Insurance 

The biggest cirticism that Chubb receives is that it seems to be better suit for more affluent families –middle to upper class as it has been described. At the same time, other criticism directed at Chubb includes the following. 

Cheapest Rates Aren’t Guranteed

As a Chubb policyholder, you won’t break new grounds when it comes to cheap car insurance rates. There is a priotization of coverage amount over affordable pricing since the majority of Chubb policyholders tend to insure high-value assests along with their cars. 

Low-Income Drivers May Pay Much More Than They Would Like

Because of reasons you’ve just read, low-income and even average-income drivers are better off without Chubb car insurance. They would be paying absolutely more than they feel comfortable with even with some discounts. 

Not Much Discounts 

Most of the insurance discounts that Chubb has is bundle discounts wherein you have to buy more types of insurance like homeowners or life insurance to qualify for a discount. Of course, buying more insurance products means you have to pay more. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Chubb

With both the pros and cons raised, it’s easy to tell what drivers Chubb insurance is for and better suits. Those that use their vehicle for work are also considered high-value drivers since they are dealing with cilents. The drivers that benefit the most with Chubb car insurance are:

  • Drivers who use or own a car(s) for business
  • Drivers with assets of high-value
  • New 18-year-old drivers that would pay a lot for car insurance 
  • Drivers with high-value property looking to bundle their car insurance 

Like every other insurance company, Chubb bases their insurance on risk using several personal and vehicle factors. Everyone pays a different amount for car insurance and it’s very rare when two people pay the exact same amount for car insurance. Before shoipping for car insurance with Chubb, it helps to exhaust all your other options unless you have high-value assets. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insruance 

Since every car insurance company prices their policies differently with personal factors also playing a role, there are some things worth considering as you embark on the car insurance shopping journey. Thinking about the following when you are looking at Chubb car insurance can help you get an idea of the kind of premiums you will be dealing with:

  • How much you drive for work – Your work hours and how you use your car determines risk especially if you regularly do for business. It helps to at least have your annual mileage in mind. 
  • High-value assets – The value of your car (and home if you are bundling) should be known and recorded as you go about getting quotes. Knowing this will help you gauge how much coverage from Chubb you will need. 
  • Your fleet of cars – If you are a business owner and own several cars for your business, you will want to know everything about them along with the drivers in order to get the best commercial car insurance from Chubb. 

Final Thoughts About Chubb Car Insurance 

If you are in the driving business or have high-value assets, than Chubb car insurance is for you. Even when it comes to risk, Chubb can have good coverage for drivers of this nature. However, average drivers may have some trouble finding affordable rates with Chubb and may have to look elsewhere.

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