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Ameriprise Car Insurance Review

Ameriprise isn’t just an insurance company; they’re a financial service powerhouse and have been for over 120 years. With experience and history like Ameriprise’s, it’s no wonder how they always end up on a car insurance shopper’s quote list. 

Ameriprise has more than found its customer base with its practice of giving its policyholders as many types of insurance as they can for agreeable rates. In fact, the more insurance you have with Ameriprise, the more you will save. So here, more is always better. Does this go big or go home approach work for the average driver? The answer may surprise you. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Ameriprise Insurance 

As a financial management company, Ameriprise has experience in all areas of insurance, with special attention to auto and homeowners’ coverage. This is also backed up with positive reviews for their customer service and insurance claims processing. Their homeowner’s insurance products are able to cover a wide variety of homes and property, regardless of value. Other aspects of Ameriprise that receive glowing praise are the following. 

Policy And Insurance Bundling

Ameriprise is like the Costco of insurance providers because all their insurance products are meant to be sold in bulk. Bundling car insurance and homeowners’ insurance is one of the largest known discounts in the business because all that coverage is coming from one place. Insurance companies like Ameriprise are businesses like any other, so they always regard customer loyalty with low-cost premiums. 

High-Tier Customer Service 

Ameriprise ranks highly for customer and claims services in every category of insurance that they specialize in. Claims are filed in a timely manner and policyholders are never left hanging when they make a phone call in. Praise for Ameriprise’s dedication to their customers was mentioned in major publications like Forbes. 

Great Premiums For Low-Valued Homes And Cars

Policies for older homes and cars with lower value and replacement costs have some of the cheapest premiums that Ameriprise can muster up. At the same time, older cars and homes tend to have low insurance costs already –combine that with a bundled coverage discount and you’re looking at big savings. 

How Happy People Are With Ameriprise Insurance 

Many drivers and homeowners are happy with the vast coverage options Ameriprise has available all with competitive rates. The auto coverages they offer include specific protections like glass damage, accident forgiveness, stolen key insurance, and so much more for even the little things that can happen to you while out driving. More great car insurance benefits that keep Ameriprise policyholders happy and satisfied are:

  • Streamlined claims process that the policyholder can follow in real time
  • Collision deductible waivers 
  • Identity theft protection 
  • Credit card protection 
  • Food spoilage insurance 
  • Lock replacement insurance 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Ameriprise Insurance 

While Ameriprise comes as a highly recommended insurance company for most, it’s not without its flaws. When it comes down to it, there are two main criticisms that some customers have when they look into coverage with Ameriprise. 

High-Risk Drivers Pay More For Insurance 

There are insurance companies that are able to find affordable and even cheap rates for drivers that are high-risk like those with a spotty driving record or who just got their license. Ameriprise is not one of those companies. While it isn’t impossible for high-risk drivers to get insurance with Ameriprise, they will be paying more than the average customer. 

Not Great For One Type of Insurance Policy 

As you have been reading, Ameriprise mainly deals in bundled insurance policies. So, if you were to just buy a car insurance policy from them you’ll be paying more than you would for both an auto and home policy. This is unique because there are several insurance companies where bundled policies can cost more than a standalone one. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Ameriprise 

Ameriprise is really the best car insurance provider for those who already have a bit of driving history under their belt along with owning or renting a home. Drivers with any type of vehicle can also get coverage from them, but some with specific types of cars may pay less than others. Here are those that most benefit from Ameriprise insurance:

  • Those looking bundle home and auto insurance 
  • Drivers of older vehicles
  • Owners of low-value homes 
  • Generally people ages 30 and up 

The policy underwriting process at Ameriprise is competitive and comprehensive, looking at factors revolving around your living and driving situation. Ameriprise understands that they have a lot to insure, so they are as through as can be. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

Car insurance companies may price their products differently, but the costs are all determined by the same things. Before committing with Ameriprise, it helps to make sure all other car insurance options are not worth it because you will have to commit to bundled coverage. Important things to consider when getting car insurance in general are:

  • How much you drive in a year –  The more you drive, then the more likely you are to file a claim. If you have a job or career involving transport, then you should always report this to your car insurance provider. 
  • Credit score – It helps to go looking for car insurance with a reasonable credit score since car insurance is typically more expensive for those with subpar credit similar to how you can be refused an apartment or loan. 
  • Whether or not you should bundle – If your homeowners’ insurance needs converge with your car insurance needs, then you can look at companies such as Ameriprise that specialize in such bundles. 

Final Thoughts About Ameriprise Insurance

If you are new to driving and insurance in general, then Ameriprise may not be the insurance provider for you. New drivers with unbundled car insurance typically pay the most out of all Ameriprise policyholders. It definitely helps to revisit them down the line when you own a home and have more of a driving and insurance history because you may end up with the lowest cost insurance you can get at that moment.

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