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Allstate Car Insurance Review

Allstate has 20% of Americans in good hands, as they say, being the largest insurance provider in the country. In addition to car insurance, Allstate also has policies for home, life, and renters’ insurance. Over 90 years of operation and reliable insurance products are what make this provider a household name. 

From humble beginnings, in the 1930s as a Sears insurance company, to going public on its own in the 90s, Allstate’s success was decades in the making. Their commercials practically dominate television even now. But does Allstate live up to all that hype? 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Allstate Insurance 

Policies from Allstate are extremely personalized, and claims are easily processed and handled in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction rates from Allstate consistently make major publications’ top ten lists. Some of the best parts of Allstate insurance and the reasons why are the following.

Established Superb Customer Satisfaction And Service 

Allstate has been using the “are in you good hands?” slogan for just over 70s years and still lives up to it after all this time. As stated before, Allstate is never left out of the top ten most highly rated insurance companies and is an honorable mention at the very least. Customer needs are met, any changes or cancellations are instantaneous, and agents are always ready to assist you. 

Timely And Easy Claims Processing 

Allstate claims can be filed in person, over the phone, or online with an agent or AI to guide the policyholder through it. You don’t need to be an expert in car insurance to understand it and how to use it. Digital claims can also be tracked in real-time. Allstate’s claim process is all about that customer-orientated approach. 

Established And Stable Insurance Company 

It’s always smart to look at an insurance company’s history and stability; after all, they will look at the same for you. With years of experience and establishment as one of America’s top insurance companies, you can expect stable rates from Allstate in the long term. 

Policies That Prioritize Value 

Because Allstate offers so many insurance products, there are plenty of opportunities for bundle coverage with no extra costs as they would be if there were stand-alone. This also helps to avoid any unnecessary coverage you will not need. Combine this with Allstate’s personalized approach to car insurance, and have the potential to save big. 

How Happy People Are With Allstate Insurance 

People come to Allstate for all their car insurance needs, from basic to full coverage options. Allstate also offers some of the less-standard car insurance types like rideshare and rental car coverage. So, every kind of driver, regardless of risk or status, is able to find an agreeable policy with Allstate. Other great aspects of Allstate that customers are especially happy with are:

  • Car sound system insurance 
  • Umbrella car insurance 
  • Classic car insurance 
  • 24-hour claims service
  • Deductible rewards
  • New car replacement 
  • Accident forgiveness 
  • Customer-friendly claims processing  
  • Usage-based discounts
  • A+ rating from Better Business Bureau 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Allstate Insurance 

There have been reported cases of some Allstate policyholders paying more than they feel they should on some occasions. Allstate also has some criticism when it comes to processing injury claims. These criticisms are elaborated on below. 

Sometimes Higher-Than-Average Premiums 

Allstate’s approach to car insurance is more so about the customer and getting them all the different insurance they need –how much you spend on it may come second to them. Because of this, there are reports of drivers choosing another provider over Allstate for cheaper rates. 

Negative Customer Reception 

While Allstate does have great customer reviews and ranks highly for such, they aren’t 100% positive. There is a small percentage of accounts of negative experiences regarding claims, particularly ones regarding injuries, as they rank slightly below average for such claims services. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Allstate Insurance 

There is no requirement for drivers looking to get insured with Allstate. They see young, old, safe, and risky drivers from all over the country every day. As with other car insurance companies, the drivers that tend to save the most are:

  • Safe drivers with little to no accidents or claims 
  • Drivers of older, standard cars as opposed to luxury sports ones 
  • Drivers with no gaps in their car insurance history 
  • Those that bundle their car insurance with their homeowners’ insurance

Personal and vehicle factors will influence the cost of your car insurance, which is why two people rarely pay the same rates. Allstate looks at these factors like any other provider during the policy underwriting process. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

While car insurance companies look at driver and vehicle factors in a similar fashion to each other, their pricing is where they differ the most. Everyone considers at least some of the following factors when shopping for the ideal car insurance with or without Allstate:

  • Annual mileage – How much you drive and the time you spend behind the wheel is a natural cause and effect of risk since you can be in an accident at any time. Any significant changes in your driving should be reported to the insurance provider, especially if you have a job that requires it.
  • Credit score – It’s long been studied that there is a correlation between drivers with low credit scores and filing more claims. They also may run into issues with their monthly payments. So, insurance companies compensate for this with increased rates. 
  • Safe driving habits – The drivers that save the most on car insurance are safe drivers with little to no marks on their records. Even if you have a couple of marks on your own driving record, it’s never too late to practice safe driving habits for lower car insurance rates in the future.     

Final Thoughts About Allstate Insurance 

Allstate is reliable as it is iconic and all for great reasons, as you have read. Every car insurance shopper has them on their quote list as they are looking for a provider. Allstate more than likely has a policy for you if all your local options fail you.

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