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Esurance Car Insurance Review

Esurance is a unique car insurance company because it takes an entirely digital approach to buying and maintaining insurance. They’re pretty well known because of their past commercials and advertising campaigns and still remain one of the foremost digital insurance providers in the country. 

With its size and reputation, does Esurance still stack up as a car insurance provider today? The good news is that Esurance continues to be the same comprehensive insurer thanks to its user-friendly software and tools for its policyholders.  

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Esurance Insurance

Esurance isn’t just praised by customers for its easy digital approach to car insurance. It’s the caliber of their service and variety of products and discounts that still keeps them in the limelight today. These major pros are elaborated on below. 

High Satisfaction Ratings When it Comes to Quotes And Pricing 

It’s no wonder why Esurance has a spot on every car insurance shopper’s list as they look for a provider. Esurance’s competitive quotes for both basic and full car insurance are guaranteed to at least make a shopper’s top five choices for car insurance. Esurance also offers others types of insurance that you can bundle with your auto coverage and save big on overall. 

Easy-to-Use Digital Tools And Resources

All of Esurance’s attention is focused on putting policyholders in total control of their coverage with their user-friendly web tools and resources for things such as adjusting your coverage, filing a claim, and annual renewals. Someone who knows absolutely nothing about car insurance can soon become an expert with the tools that Esurance has to offer. 

Several Opportunities For Discounts 

Esurance is also known for offering several discounts to new and old policyholders alike. Everyone has at least a couple of ways to save when they switch to Esurance. In fact, one such discount is given simply when you switch to Esurance from any other provider. 

How Happy People Are With Esurance Insurance 

Policyholders are the happiest with Esurance because they can do so much and be involved with nearly everything concerning their policy. Some of these user-friendly tools and services on both Esurance’s website and mobile app include:

  • Coverage counselor 
  • Fuelcaster
  • E-star
  • Photo claims 
  • RepairView 
  • DriveSense

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Esurance Insurance

Inversely, there are some criticisms directed at Esurance. While policyholders are able to enjoy and easily master the tech tools that Esurance provides, the two most glaring criticisms are with their customer service. 

Claims Have Low Customer Satisfaction Ratings 

Esurance, unfortunately, ranks one level below average regarding customer satisfaction with claims. Policyholders say that the claims process can be timely and settlements could use some work. Homeowners’ insurance claims, in particular, are criticized as Esurance’s weakest area as well. 

More Complaints Than Expected

The reception online for Esurance ranges from mixed to negative for their overall insurance services. For the size that it is, Esurance definitely has more complaints than normally expected. While customers are paying much less for coverage with them, it may not be worth the subpar service. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Esurance 

Esurance is definitely for drivers and homeowners that want a more active role with their insurance policies. The entirely online approach is even great for those who don’t know a whole lot about insurance in general. Those that tend to save the most with Esurance are those who:

  • Bundle their car and home insurance 
  • Want a more active role in managing their insurance 
  • Have multiple cars
  • Are safe drivers 

Esurance’s policy underwriting process isn’t too different from that of any other insurance provider. The only difference is the inclusion of more specific discounts. Esurance policyholders report saving at least $400 annually when they switch because of their many discounts. Still, some drivers may save more than others. 

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

When looking at car insurance in general, there are some things to consider in order to get a grasp on what you can be paying for car insurance. As said before, car insurance rates are a deeply personal thing determined by several personal factors. These factors include:

  • How much you drive – It helps to know your annual mileage since how long you spend in your car can be telling of your risk of getting into an accident. Naturally, those that drive for a living drive more than those who just commute to work –so they may pay more for car insurance. 
  • Your credit score – Your credit score can also be very telling of risk when it comes to monthly payments and filing claims. Much like your driving record, you can work to put your credit score in better standing in order to pay less for car insurance. 
  • Your insurance needs – Some insurance companies like Esurance encourage bundling coverages and getting more than insurance than just one type. In some cases, it may be worth bundling insurance rather than buying individual car insurance. 

Final Thoughts About Esurance Car Insurance 

Esurance is a great provider for tech-savvy drivers who want a more active and personal role with their car insurance. With their several discounts, they are also more likely to save. However, one has to ask if the subpar customer service is worth it before committing. Still, the free quote never hurts.

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