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Dairyland Car Insurance Review

If there is one thing that Dairyland (and Sentry) Insurance is known for, it’s nonstandard auto policies like motorcycle coverage. With a founding and history in Wisconsin just over 100 years ago, Dairyland has proved itself as one of the foremost motorcycle insurers in the country. 

Their car insurance also has a loyal and happy customer base that gets the most out of their auto coverage while saving. But how does Dairyland stack up as a car insurance provider overall? This post looks at all the pros and cons of being a Diaryland policyholder. 

What Policyholders Say Are The Best Parts of Diaryland

There is a lot that policyholders love about their Dairyland car insurance policy. From customer service to the variety of insurance products to flexible practices, these are great ways to save on and maintain your auto coverage easily. Other reasons for the glowing reviews that Diaryland receives are the following.

Superb Customer Service 

Well over half the reviews left for Diaryland are positive, and all for a good reason. Their website is user-friendly, bi-lingual and knowledgeable agents are on a 24/7 phone line, and a smooth and timely claim process is what keeps the policyholders renewing their policies every year. 

Broad Selection of Insurance Products

Dairyland is known for its huge selection of car and motorcycle insurance products ranging from basic to full coverage. Their lienholder and special equipment coverage are company specialties that several policyholders opt for. 

Policies That Rate Highly For Value

Dairyland has a great practice of prioritizing value with each quote they give and the policy they underwrite. They also help sweeten the deal with some discounts. Those that insure multiple cars and make large lump sum payments upfront tend to save the most with Dairyland. 

Overall Financial Stability 

It’s always a good sign when an insurance provider has a stable financial history and future. Dairyland is one such insurance provider with years of practice and establishment that help it stay stable in the most uncertain of financial times. They especially rank highly for this. 

How Happy People Are With Dairyland Insurance 

If you were to ask a Dairyland policyholder what is the best part about their insurance, they would tell you that it’s the cost and the quality of the services they receive. Their car insurance products offer the chance to customize your policy and never overpay on premiums again. Other products and services Dairyland has that make their policyholders happy and renew their policies are:

  • Lienholder coverage 
  • Special equipment coverage 
  • Motorcycle insurance 
  • Towing coverage 
  • Rental car reimbursement 
  • SR-22 services 
  • Several discounts 

What Policyholders Say Are The Worst Parts About Dairyland Insurance 

While Diaryland does serve as a major beacon for motorcycle riders and the majority of the midwestern United States, there are a couple of what-ifs that come with the decision of whether or not to become a Diaryland policyholder. The most major criticism that Diaryland receives is the following. 

Only Available in 22 States 

The major drawback of Dairyland insurance is that it exclusively operates in 22 states –mostly in the midwest and east coast. So, drivers not living in those areas won’t have the opportunity to get Dairyland insurance at all. 

Quotes Request And Customer Service Are Not 24/7

Quote requests from Diaryland and any related services are not available during every hour of the day –there are times when it’s closed. Because of this, you may have to wait for a little before filing a claim for the line to open back up. 

The Drivers That Benefit The Most From Diaryland

The only true requirement that Diaryland has for their drivers is that they must live in a state where they operate. Other than that, it helps to have Diaryland at least on your list of insurance companies you are shopping with as you look for coverage. Of course, some drivers may save more with Diaryland than others. These drivers include:

  • Drivers with multiple cars 
  • Drivers that own motorcycles 
  • Drivers needing SR-22 insurance
  • Drivers living in the 22 states in the midwest and east coast
  • Drivers with a subpar driving record 

When you do get a quote from Diaryland, you will find that their underwriting process isn’t too different from other providers. As a general rule of car insurance –people rarely pay the same amount because how much everyone pays is a deeply personal thing with such factors as age, residence, and so much more being factors.  

Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance 

When looking at car insurance in general, there are some things you can keep in mind in order to maximize your savings. While you can’t help certain things like your age, you can help the following:

  • Credit score – Your credit score plays a role in determining your car insurance rates just as your driving record does, as they both measure your risk. You can take the time to improve your credit score even after getting car insurance and enjoy the premium decrease that comes with it. 
  • One lump sum payment – As previously mentioned, Diaryland welcomes one lump sum payment with their policies as opposed to monthly payments so policyholders can save on rates. 
  • Driving course enrollment – Diaryland also offers specialized car insurance discounts to those who have enrolled in and completed a defensive driving course. 

Final Thoughts About Diaryland Car Insurance 

Diaryland is one of the foremost American insurance companies despite not having a presence in every state. Those that save the most are those insuring multiple cars or a motorcycle. Still, that doesn’t mean that a standard or high-risk driver won’t find an agreeable policy with them. Start today with your free Diaryland quote to see where you stand when it comes to their insurance rates.

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